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Safety Cleaning

We're committed:

To the safety, health, and well-being of our crews, clients and staff.

We're clean and green:

Per the CDC, COVID-19 does not survive beyond 133°F. Our industrial steamers reach temperatures above 200°F and are used to disinfect all upholstered items and hard goods.

We're in it for the long haul:

We check and follow CDC guidelines to a T – and are implementing additional protocols to bring clients added peace of mind.

behind the scenes

We're socially distant:

6 feet of space and separate work areas are in effect in our warehouses, as are mandatory daily temperature checks and PPE.

We’ve installed sanitizing stations and portable washing stations throughout our warehouses and on all trucks.

We're (steam) rolling right along:

All common areas and workstations are disinfected with our industrial steam machines at the start and end of each shift, and our warehouses are disinfected in full nightly.

In addition to industrial steaming and COVID-19 approved cleaning products, we’re upgrading to ULV foggers to sterilize moving blankets, shrink wrap, and our custom crates, and disinfect high-traffic areas like truck cabins and workstations with a mist of antibacterial fog.


the process - from prep to pickup

Starting fresh:

All rental items and covers have been cleaned and disinfected – including anything that was on the shelves prior to the COVID-19 outbreak. How can you tell? Each item has a sticker showing the date of its last cleaning.

Shift into gear:

Upon arrival at our warehouses, all staff temperatures are checked and PPE (masks, gloves, eyewear) is distributed to each employee.

Ready to ride:

Our drivers and event helpers are kept separate from our prep crews to minimize contamination, and our trucks are preloaded for immediate departure. All truck interiors are disinfected pre- and post-event, and come equipped with extra PPE and sanitizing stations – so if someone on your team is short a mask, we’ve got you covered.

Making our crews count:

Loading and Unloading crews are now streamlined into smaller teams; we’ve reorganized our process to avoid bottlenecks and reduce the number of hands on each item. We’ll also be operating in teams of two to minimize cross-travel within your event space. We’ll still get the job done – we’re just improving the onsite process to be safer and more effective.

Signing off:

We’re switching to paperless delivery – get ready for e-updates on your order and virtual confirmations once completed.

how you can help

Think off peak:

We’ve eliminated overtime fees to give clients the freedom to stagger deliveries and pickups. Help us avoid high-traffic times onsite and on-the-road to minimize exposure for everyone.

Sharing is caring (except when it’s not):

To ensure everyone has 6 feet of space onsite, we’re asking clients for dedicated load in & out times to avoid elevator and dock congestion with other vendor crews.

what's next

Innovation is the name of the game:

Our workshops are hard at work developing solutions to meet new social distancing requirements. We look forward to sharing new images and product lines with you in the coming weeks.