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8' softwall kraft

a freestanding space partition, molo’s paper softwall room divider is a modern partition design and folding wall that has the flexibility to be shaped in any curved or linear formation. It expands to an impressive 15 feet long, or any length between. Made from layers of paper structured with flexible honeycomb geometry.

paper softwall
designed by Stephanie Forsythe and Todd MacAllen for molo - @studio_molo
represented by taylor creative within USA.
photo by molo - @studio_molo

8' softwall kraft

pricing is per piece, per 5-day rental period


4 pieces available


8' high x 9.25" deep x 15' long

Special Notes

*Softwalls are for indoor use only*

**This collection is certified as flame resistant and meets the standards of NFPA-701. Contact your salesperson for certification report if needed.


50 lbs