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kraft softblocks xl

softblock ยท paper

made from strong sheets of fire retardant paper, softblock is a system of flexible building blocks. Equipped with magnetic end panels, elements link together to form a folding wall, entire environments or long, winding space partitions and product displays. The modular system is intended to provide a sustainable means of reshaping space for diverse use, a system that can change, grow and move with your changing needs.

designed by Stephanie Forsythe and Todd MacAllen for molo
photo by molo
Taylor Creative is a molo Official Rental Agency in the United States

$300.00 - $450.00

pricing is per piece, per 5-day rental period


1'h x 13.3" deep x 22'long: 3 pieces available

2'h x 13.3" deep x 22'long: 4 pieces available


1'h x 13.3" deep x 22'long

2'h x 13.3" deep x 22'long

Special Notes

*softblock is intended for indoor use only*

**This collection is certified as flame resistant and meets the standards of NFPA-701. Contact your salesperson for certification report if needed.


1'h x 13.3", 5 lbs

2'h x 13.3", 5 lbs

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